DELTA Diploma

Open new doors and get one of the highest-paid teaching jobs in the world with a Master Level in English Language Teaching moderated by Cambridge University

What is DELTA?

DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an internationally recognized and highly respected diploma that represents the highest TEFL qualification in the world.

It’s for people who already teach English in adult, primary or secondary education contexts, and it’s aimed at an international audience of both native and non-native English teachers working in any part of the world.

Why take DELTA with IH Mexico?

Interactive Digital Platform

We use one of the best and cutting edge Learning Management Systems: NEO, where online interaction is flexible, automatized and engaging

Unique Delivery Mode

It’s the only course in the world with a Module 2 that consists of 7 weeks online + 4 weeks face to face


Our course is cheaper compared to other course providers, including Bell, NILE & The Distance Delta

Personal tutor support

IH provides group feedback, as well as personal and regular tutor feedback to participants


Our success rate is over 95%. We ensure that our trainees successfully complete the Delta Course


Flexible course options through blended, online and face to face courses.

We offer all 3 DELTA Modules

Understanding language, methodology, and resources for teaching.

Online: if you only taking Module 1, it will take 10 weeks online (Minimum 15 hours per week)

Blended: Module 1 & 2 if taking Module 1 & Module 2, only 7 weeks online + 5 weeks face to face at IH Mexico (Minimum 20 – 25 hours per week)

Start Date End Date Course Campus
September 14, 2020 November 27, 2020 Delta Module 1, Online ALL THE COUNTRY, all locations

Precio del curso DELTA

Module 1 Online

  • Cambridge examination fee: $330 USD | Course fees: $560 USD

Module 2 Blended

  • Fees: $2,500 USD(including the Cambridge fee, examination fee and all assessor expenses)

Module 1 & 2 Blended

  • Fees: $3,500 USD(including the Cambridge fee, examination fee and all assessor expenses)

Module 3 Online

  • Cambridge assignment submission fee: $200 USD | Course fee: $400 USD

60 años

de experiencia





en el mundo




What skills will you gain?

Proof of skills and expertise at the same level as Master’s study

Expand knowledge and understanding of foundational principles and practice of teaching English

Critical assessment of current ideas and practices as a teacher

Apply new knowledge and understanding to current teaching role

Expand knowledge of teaching English in contexts of adult students

Who is DELTA for?

  • DELTA is for teachers with at least two year’s experience.
  • Teachers who plan to make a career in English language teaching or move into other roles, e.g. Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer, etc.
  • It’s suitable for teachers in any context, working with any age range: young learners, teenagers or adults.
  • Teachers who passed their CELTA or CAM qualification. You should not apply for the DELTA if you have not already gained experience in EFL teaching.

How to apply for DELTA and what are the requirements?

  • Two years of teaching experience and an initial teacher training qualification.
  • Must be over 20 years old at the beginning of the course.
  • Accredited level C1 according to the Common European Framework.

¿Tienes más dudas?

No, DELTA diploma is endorsed by Cambridge University.

Yes, we have online module 1 and 3.

Yes, it is endorsed by Cambridge University.

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