Cursos para Profesores


Whether a one-time, standalone workshop or a series of workshops, International House Monterrey has worked with schools all over the country for many different types. Workshops we can deliver to teachers include:

Exam guidance

We can give workshops to help teachers guide their learners through upcoming exams with skills, strategies and some inside hints and tips from the speaking examiners we have ready to help you.

Receptive skills workshops

Do your reading classes seem to test learners about what the answers to questions are rather than developing their knowledge of how to read English? When they listen, do you actively help them develop the skill or just hope they get answers right? We have the experts who can help you!

Productive skills workshops

Struggle to get your students speaking in class? Not sure how best to get them to develop their writing skills? We can help you implement practical solutions in class to address these issues head-on.

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Exam strategy courses

If your school prepares students for exams, they’ll need the best help they can get. International House Monterrey works with the best schools around to offer that help.

We can guide the students through the exams with the expertise they need or we can train teachers to know how to do this. Here are some examples of exam strategy courses we’ve given to teachers and students around the country:

Exam overview courses

This is often beneficial for teachers who need to refresh their knowledge or need some basic insight into what the exam their learners will do is all about.

Writing for PET/FCE

The majority of teacher struggle to help their learners see how to score well in Writing tests. We can offer that sort of support to help learners how to meet examiner expectations.

Full Exam Preparation

Whether your students are taking KET, PET or FCE, we can deliver full preparation courses to them or to the teachers. We can share our exam knowledge to help learners with their Listening and Reading skills, help them see what examiners are looking for from Writing and even give sessions with Cambridge speaking examiners to sharpen their productive skills.

Bespoke workshops

Maybe the courses above don’t match what you’re looking for. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone and we’ve given all sorts of different types of courses to different types of English teachers! Here are some examples of and workshops:

  • Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary Crash Course
  • Receptive Skills Crash Course
  • Productive Skills Crash Course
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Marking Written Work
  • Grading Language

There are so many things our experts can do to help teachers overcome their biggest obstacles and reach heights they didn’t even know were there. For more information, click here.

English Classes

We also offer English classes for teachers to take advantage of. We evaluate teachers’ current levels of English and deliver English classes to improve upon the knoweldge, skills and abilities in the language they already have.

For more information about our English classes, click here.

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